2008-02-14 13:35:00

Organizers of Moscow gay parade hope Strasbourg helps them get 1,000,000 euro from Russia

Moscow, February 14, Interfax – Moscow gay parade organizers have referred their second complaint against Russia to the European Court of Human Rights on Thursday. They demand to acknowledge their rights were violated and press for 1,000,000 euro compensation, a parade’s organizer Nikolay Alexeyev told Interfax-Religion.

‘I am absolutely sure in our final victory in Strasbourg. Russian authorities voluntarily deprived us of the right guaranteed by the European Convention aside from the Russia’s Constitution,’ Alexeyev stated.

On May 16, 2007 Moscow authorities banned the 2nd gay parade to be conducted in the capital on May 27, 2007. Moscow's Tverskoy District Court and Moscow City Court upheld the ban, so gay parade organizers decided to refer to Strasbourg.

Russian sex minorities will make their third attempt to hold a gay parade in Moscow on May 31, 2008 to mark the 15th anniversary of abolishing criminal persecutions for homosexual practices in Russia.