2008-01-24 13:33:00

Famous actor asks St. Pete's governor to ban a cinema festival dedicated to non-conventional love

Moscow, January 24, Interfax – Chairman of the Slavic and Orthodox cinematographers international association Nikolay Burliayev intends to ask St. Petersburg governor Valentina Matviyenko to prohibit a cinema festival dedicated to non-conventional love in the ‘northern capital.’

‘Let the Western world go to spiritual perish, to secularization, let them justify sin with tolerance. Russia has its own traditions and spiritual and moral values’, Burliayev said in his interview to the Noviye Izvestia daily on Thursday.

The 1st International cinema festival Side by Side on non-conventional love is to be held in St. Petersburg in October. According to organizational committee member Irina Sergeyeva, its aim is ‘to wake up Russian society to sympathize and accept their children with non-conventional orientation.’

‘Moralists are scared that non-conventional orientation will be inflicted on them. We do not have such an objective, we just strive to help people who need it to survive,’ Sergeyeva explains.

Meanwhile, other well-known Russian actors and film directors supported Byrliayev in his protest.