2008-01-11 13:23:00

Karelian human right activists speak for homosexuals’ right to adopt children

Petrozavodsk, January 11, Interfax – A Karelian branch of the Youth Human Rights Group addressed the deputies of the republic’s parliament and demanded to adopt the law on homosexual marriages and to introduce legal responsibility for discrimination of gays, lesbians and transsexuals.

The human rights activists also suggest revising fundamental bases of matrimonial relations.

‘Recognition of same-sex marriages by the state and society give to the same-sex couples some important positions. Legalization of the same-sex marriages transfer them from the sphere of damnable to the zone of acceptable and normal. The same-sex family becomes a family with vengeance as it will have an opportunity to adopt and to bring up children’, the authors stress.

They also think the definition of marriage should be re-worded to become ‘a union between two citizens’ instead of ‘a union between man and woman’.

‘For millions of Russians it will be an important political and symbolical gesture to testify to tolerance of governmental bodies to sexual orientation of their citizens’, the activists noted.

Press-service of the Karelian legislative assembly told Interfax that it would consider the proposal to legalize same-sex marriages in frames of regular parliamentary work.

According to the representatives of the republic’s legislative agency, the regional parliament has not received any addresses on violation of sexual minorities’ rights before, which ‘allows concluding there have been no such violations’.

‘Probably, this address will not cause animated discussions in the Karelian parliament’, the interviewee of the agency said.