2008-01-10 12:15:00

Moscow schismatics ‘consecrated’ an open gay

Moscow, January 10, Interfax – An open gay was ‘consecrated’ in the first Russian ‘church’ for sex minorities of the Moscow ‘LGBT community of the Protection of the Holy Virgin’ on Christmas night.

‘Consecration’ of the ‘LGBT Rights’ human rights movement coordinator Alexey Davydov was performed by ‘archbishop’ of the so-called ‘Apostolic Reformed Orthodox Church’, GayRussia.Ru reports.

Besides, the union between two lesbians-LGBT members Nadezhda and Elena received a ‘church blessing’ during the ‘divine service’.

The ‘church’ for sex minorities was opened in Moscow in September 2007. Its organizer the ‘Apostolic Reformed Orthodox Church’ (AROC) is a branch of the so-called ‘Apostolic Orthodox Church’ (AOC) established in 2000 on the initiative of former priest of the Moscow Patriarchate and dissident Gleb Yakunin and his associate journalist Yakov Krotov.

In 2007 the AOC ‘bishop of Rostov and Taganrog’ Alexey Skrypnikov-Daraki, who is also a ‘hierarch’ of the so-called ‘radioactive’ sect (the so-called ‘Orthodox Church of Russia’ set up by Raphael Prokopyev and Innokenty Pavlov located in Radio Street in Moscow and leading active work) announced the establishment of the AROC which targeted audience are people of nonconventional sex orientation.