2007-12-03 09:53:00

Moscow gay leader comes to a polling station to ask Moscow mayor Luzhkov for permission to conduct a gay pride parade

Moscow, December 3, Interfax - The organizer of the Moscow gay pride parade, Nikolay Alexeyev, decided to combine voting in the State Duma elections with promoting his long-standing idea to conduct a sexual minorities march in Moscow.

After he voted at a polling station where Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov was expected to vote, Alexeyev, along with 15 other people, were detained by police and brought to the Tverskoye police station.

According to Alexeyev, they were detained by police without being explained the reason why.

Meanwhile, a police source has told Interfax that 14 representatives of sexual minorities were detained for waiting for the city mayor in order to ask him for permission to conduct a gay pride parade.

A preventative conversation was held with the detained.