2007-11-12 15:45:00

Modern age might be burnt in the "Apocalypse's fire" so it is foretold in the Russian Orthodox Church

Moscow, November 12, Interfax - If the liberal human's right conception overcame in the modern world, it might be collapsed, the head of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations, Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad said.

"We live in the times of the postmodern that is characterised with the dangerous idea: the postmodern does not imply the conception of the truth - it is relative, there are as so many truths as human minds. There is the conception of opinions' pluralism instead of the conception of the truth," stated the metropolitan at the meeting with Molodaya Gvardiya movement's (Young Guard) activists and the Moscow State Technical University students.

As stated by his words, recently it was impossible to think about homosexual marriages to be made legally "15 years ago, now it is not only possible, but there are yet legislation debates to protect the people from such legal practice."

"Pedophilia would be the next step in this process as the homosexuality is justified with misunderstood yet widely popular conception of the human's rights," said metropolitan Kirill.

He marked if human's activities' criteria were not changed, "if there were the only criteria that we are offered by the liberal conception attached with the rights and liberties, we would have the legal pedophilia."

"There is no end in this process as it is ended in the Hades, in the Apocalypse's fire," the hierarch said.

He also emphasized that "no society's model might pretend to have the world's domination. No model might state that it bears the ultimate truth and everything in the world should comply with this model."

"This is the reason we support the diverse world. And we deem this world to be not only as diverse politically yet as co-existence of the societies' models. We propose the world's order is to based on the harmonic union of the societies' model, and not on the unification with the impact of any separate model, the western liberal one in our case," the Russian Orthodox Church's representative added.