2007-10-09 12:09:00

Orthodox human rights activist: gay-parades should be equated with weapons of mass destruction

Moscow, October 9, Interfax - Roman Silantyev, director the World Russian People’s Council’s human rights center, compared gay-parades to weapons of mass destruction.

This comparison was prompted by the award given recently to the developers of a project for a “gay bomb”, a hormone weapon which turns an enemy’s troops into homosexuals. The authors were awarded the “peace prize” given by the so-called Shnobel Prize for the most dubious scientific achievements.

According to the project authors, special pheromones contained in a “gay bomb” dropped on an enemy’s territory would radically raise soldiers’ sexual attraction to each other, the BBC has reported.

According to Silantyev, “the development of this bomb means that the Pentagon equates the propagation of the idea of homosexuality to weapons of mass destruction.

In his interview with Interfax, the human rights advocate noted, “while the most liberal Euro-parliamentarians assailed Patriarch Alexy with criticism, demanding that he should respect the “fundamental rights” of sexual minorities, the American militarists stabbed them in the back by making public information about the creation of a demoralizing homosexual bomb”.

He told the agency that all structures concerned “should pay attention to the American know-how and consider ranking gay-parades among weapons of mass destruction with a consequent introduction of moratorium on its proliferation”.

Earlier the official Pentagon confirmed that the project for a “queen bomb” really existed. Its designers requested 7,5 million dollars for research. Finally it was decided to close the project.