2007-09-10 13:19:00

Moscow gay-parade organizer demands that a Duma deputy be brought to trial

Moscow, September 10, Interfax - Nikolay Alexeyev, Moscow gay-parade organizer, has requested the Russian Chief Prosecutor’s Office on Monday to bring an action against State Duma deputy Alexander Chuyev.

‘For me as a low-abiding citizen of the Russian Federation, the slanderous statements made by Deputy Alexander Chuyev are deeply offensive. They do damage to my honor, dignity and business reputation’, he says in his request communicated to Interfax.

Thus, the gay-parade organizer maintains, during a talk-show on the NTV on June 21, Chuyev ‘repeatedly called’ Alexeyev ‘extremist’, declared that Alexeyev and his activity were financed by Boris Berezovsky, that Alexeyev was fulfilling ‘the order of his Western patrons’ and that he ‘is used by certain forces whose task is to destroy our country’.

The organizer of the pride parade has requested the Chief Prosecutor’s Office to verify the corpus delicti of the deputy’s statements as provided in Articles 129 (label) and 130 (offence) of the Russian Criminal Code.

According to Alexeyev, ‘the prosecutor’s office should institute criminal proceedings against Mr. Chuyev and request the State Duma to deprive him of deputy’s immunity’.

Earlier Chuyev demanded that the Moscow gay-parade organizer be sued in civil court, assessing at 450 thousand roubles the moral damage he suffered because of the latter’s utterances during the same talk-show.

The investigation granted the deputy’s request and resolved that Alexeyev be sued in civil court.