2007-07-05 17:35:00

St. Petersburg gay pride parade planned to coincide with commemoration of siege of Leningrad

St. Petersburg, July 5, Interfax - Members of sexual minorities are planning to hold a gay pride parade in St. Petersburg on September 8, the day when the beginning of the siege of Leningrad is commemorated.

The gay community is not embarrassed by the fact that it is planning to conduct the event on this date, spokeswoman for the parade's organizing committee Alexandra Polyanskaya said on Thursday.

"We are certain that we will be able to conduct our parade with style and without hurting anyone's feelings," Polyanskaya said.

An application to hold the gay pride parade will be filed two weeks before September 8, as required by law, she said.

"We will file several applications, about five, describing various itineraries," she added.

The committee earlier applied to hold the parade on May 27, when St. Petersburg celebrates its city day, but the administration refused to approve either the date or the suggested itinerary.