2007-06-25 10:17:00

Orthodox church procession participants cruise to purge Moscow

Moscow, June 25, Interfax - Near 200 members of Orthodox and patriotic groups organized a church procession down the Moskva River on Sunday.

The event's objective was strengthening patriotic spirit among the youth and supporting patriotic feelings in the Russian people, the coordinator of the Union of Orthodox Brotherhoods Yury Ageschev said.

Participants of the eccentric event hired a ship and decorated it with church banners, icons, Russian imperial flags, and their motto 'We Are Russian, God Is with Us' before floating down the Moskva River.

'Our great Orthodox capital is in spiritual vacuum and experiences ideological aggression from the West. So our aim was to demonstrate that the Russian people's spiritual and moral ideals are alive and will be so forever,' Ageschev told Interfax.

According to him, one of the action's objectives was 'to purge the Moskva River after a large group of gays, who hired a similar ship to have a party going the same rout last night.'

The event participants included Member of State Duma Nikolay Kuryanovich, members of Cossack groups, members of the Rock Club attached to the church of the Synaxis of All Saints of Moscow in Bibirevo, and a few lay people from the Serbian Orthodox Church.

After the event participants sung a prayer passing the Novospassky Bridge, a rock band performed a concert right aboard.