2007-06-15 10:50:00

Rogozin proposes to hold a gay parade at the Gorky Park in Moscow on the Commandos Day

Moscow, June 15, Interfax - Member of Russian parliament Dmitry Rogozin has suggested that Russian sexual minorities declare themselves in public on August 2, the Commandos Day.

'If it depended on me to permit or not such an antisocial show in Moscow, I would either ban the gay parade or allow holding it at the fountain in the Gorky Park on August 2, the Commandos Day', the deputy said as cited by GayRussia.ru.

At the same time, Rogozin remarked that sexual minorities 'can well realize their sexual habits within their private life, that is, within their couples or some groups or closed clubs'.

'The manifestation of such a freedom hurts my soul severely. I believe these parades are an outrage against public morality and encroachment on the freedom of others not to know about their inclinations', the deputy said.

Public actions of sexual minorities, he said, can be understood as 'an attempt to commit violence against the peace of mind of other citizens, especially children'.

The deputy also proposed that open-air cages be assigned to 'lovers of same-sex relations' for them 'to be above themselves' there.

'And the rest may be than delivered from any reminders about alternative intimate joys', Rogozin summed up.