2007-06-14 14:37:00

Moscow mayor to axe gay pride leaders ‘satanic aim’ and ‘unlimited tolerance’

Moscow, July 14, Interfax - Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov has urged the authorities to protect the people from the baneful influence of the alien values and ideas.

‘They try to impose on us an ideology of unlimited tolerance, which is completely incompatible with our moral values. Although they have abandoned their plan to disintegrate our nation, they misuse freedom of meetings, guarantied to all sorts of minorities, to press on our morals,’ Luzhkov said.

The mayor called this aim ‘satanic’ and said he would confront it.

‘They will be stopped, because it is not only some leaders but the whole society that want to maintain the millennia-old moral standards. These standards we should protect from the their baneful influence, which they miscall new elements of democracy,’ Luzhkov added.

The mayor noted that our times are very dramatic. ‘In the early 1990s we were applauded, but beyond that there were those who wanted to destroy our country,’ he said.

According to the Moscow mayor, ‘in some run those who accused us of being not up to date will become envious of us since we will have preserved our moral values.’