2007-06-14 12:07:00

Orthodox Kievers rally against Elton John's forthcoming concert

Kiev, June 14, Interfax - Orthodox activists in Kiev held a vigil at the city authorities' residence in protest against the concert to be given by famous singer Elton John, Yury Yegorov, leader of the All-Ukraine Orthodox Brotherhood of St. Alexander Nevsky, told Interfax on Thursday.

The faithful stood in front of the city administration and Kiev city council building holding posters: 'Kiev is the cradle of Russian Orthodoxy, not Sodom', 'A sodomite's concert is popularization of perversion', 'Sodomy is a cardinal sin', 'Homosexuality leads to AIDS'. The leaflets circulated to passersby said that homosexuality was actively imposed on Ukrainian society as a so-called 'European value'.

As is known, Elton John, whose concert is to take place at Independence Square in the center of the city on Saturday, is an open homosexual.

The statement of the Orthodox public entitled 'No to sodomy in the old Russian Orthodox holy place of Kiev', which Yegorov presented to the Kiev administration, notes that by offering a concert platform to a propagandist of homosexuality, Ukrainian officials take upon themselves the responsibility before God for the moral corruption of Kievers, especially young people.

Responsible for this corruption are believed to be the principal organizers of the concert, among them former Ukrainian President Kuchma's daughter Yelena Franchuk and her husband Victor Pinchuk, a prominent businessman, as well as Kiev Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky.

The statement also stresses that though returns on the concert will go to struggle with AIDS, the propagation of homosexuality and sexual laxity is one of the main social causes of this illness, and Elton John is an open homosexual who has concluded official union with his sexual partner.

People of non-traditional sexual orientation in European governments and parliaments, 'being ill spiritually and morally, wish to use the present pro-western Ukrainian authorities to impose this abomination on our people and our youth', Orthodox activists believe.