2007-05-25 17:45:00

Sergey Ryakhovsky is proud to be labeled homophobe No. 1 and notes that the Bible orders homosexuals to be stoned

Moscow, May 25, Interfax - The obtrusive propaganda of sin, which includes gay parades, must be stopped, Russian Pentecostal Bishop Sergey Ryakhovsky, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation said.

‘Ministers walking in gay parades and blessing gay couples are not our brothers. We believe in the Holy Scripture, which is clear that the homosexual practice is a sin punishable by stoning,’ Ryakhovsky said in his interview for the May issue of the Elita Obschestva monthly as he commented European Protestant clergy blessing gay parades.

He noted that when he expressed his view on the issue a few years ago, the PACE labeled him as ‘one of the most homophobous persons in Russia.’

‘I don’t feel sorry for what I believe in since I simply call the sin with its proper name. God created Adam and Eve saying, Be fruitful, and multiply. He did not created an Adam and a Stephen,’ he said.

According to him, there should not be propaganda of sin as well as of violence. It doesn’t mean that those who urge to stop gay propaganda also urge to imprison gay or abortion-committers.

‘The sin must not be offered to our youth as some necessary life experience or an example to follow. Immoral life should be treated as shameful in our society,’ the bishop said.