2007-05-21 12:19:00

Metropolitan Kirill denounces gay parade plans as sinful

Moscow, May 21, Interfax - Head of the Moscow Patriarchate department for external church relations Metropolitan Kirill has blasted the idea of a gay parade in Moscow as a "sinful manifestation of liberalism in Russia."

"Was it possible to imagine even several years ago that the mayor of Moscow would come under enormous pressure from the whole world to allow a gay parade? Who would ever have thought about that? And today it is normal," he said on NTV on Sunday.

He said "the liberal system of values prevailing now in Russia" was to blame.

"In conditions of freedom some people prefer to live by instincts, instead of reason or God's law. In conditions of freedom they are demonstrating their sinfulness and a liberal system of values allows such people to demonstrate their sinfulness and pretend that it is not a sin but their free choice," he said.

Metropolitan Kirill said Russia was at a very dangerous stage. "If the dividing line between good and evil becomes blurred in peoples' minds, we are opening the door to Antichrist. The door is already opening," he said.