2007-05-15 18:47:00

Russia’s eldest human rights group not to take part in the LGBT briefing

Moscow, May 15, Interfax - The Moscow Helsinki Group's executive director Nina Tagankina has refused to take part in a press conference on gay pride parade.

However, when the journalists asked her why, she answered, ‘No comments.’

The gay pride organizer Nikolay Alexeyev guessed that it was probably due to the fact that Alexey Mitrofanov, a member of the State Duma and the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, participated in the same press conference.

Mitrofanov said that there were ‘no legal reasons to ban the gay pride.’ ‘Banning the pride is a mistake legally and diplomatically,’ he said.

The MP added that if the Moscow government banned the pride he could not join it, but it they allow it as a human rights walk, he would surely take his part in it.

According to him, the gay parade will be attended by the Tatu group and some oversees guests.