2007-05-14 11:09:00

Procession for traditional values to precede gay pride parade in Moscow

Moscow, May 14, Interfax - The People's Union organization is planning to hold a procession in Moscow in defense of Christian Orthodox culture and traditional lifestyles on the eve of a gay pride parade planned for May 27.

The procession will be held on May 26 during the festivities of Days of Slavic Literature and Culture and will be aimed "against tarnishing the Russian language, and in defense of traditions of Russian culture from attempts to impose alien liberal values and morals on Russia - abortions, homosexuality, drugs and euthanasia," procession organizers told Interfax on Monday.

"We are setting a return to the national traditions of Russia against this crying lack of culture," a spokesman for the People's Union said.

Similar actions will be held in other Russian cities.