2007-05-07 11:48:00

Most people in the Latvian captial against holding gay-parade in their city - poll

Moscow, May 7, Interfax/BNS - A majority of the Riga city-dwellers are in favor of banning a gay-parade in their streets, a poll carried out by the SKDS center of public opinion studies has shown.

Those against the march of sexual minorities make up 62%, while 17,5% are in favor of it and 20% of the people in the Latvian capital found it difficult to answer the question.

More loyal to the gay-parade are young people, highly educated people and well-off people as well as respondents who speak the Latvian language in their families.

Against the parade are men, those who are described as ‘non-citizens’ and those who work in public and private sectors.

The poll was carried out in Riga from March 24 to April 6. There were 800 participants from 18 to 74 years old in all the districts of the city.

The first gay-parade to be held in Riga took place two years ago to ignite a debate on the advisability of holding such an event in the city streets. Many city-dwellers believe the march to be a threat to public morality and should be banned.

Last year the Riga City Council refused to negotiate a request for holding a gay-parade and the court found this action of the self-government to be lawful.

This year a gay-parade in planned in Riga for June 2.