2007-04-27 13:21:00

Prosecutor’s office dismisses the suit of Moscow gay pride parade organizers against Talgat Tajuddin

Moscow, April 27, Interfax - The Tverskaya Inter-district Prosecutor’s Office has dismissed the suit against Mufti Talgat Tajuddin, head of the Central Muslim Board in Russia, for his utterances about sexual minorities.

In February 2006, Tajuddin, commenting on the plan to hold a gay-parade in Moscow, stated that ‘on no account it should be allowed, but if they (sexual minorities - IF) do come out in the street, they should be but flogged’.

The parade organizers have stated today their strong objection to the investigation conclusions. ‘At present our lawyers are studying the prosecutor’s office decision we have received. It will be appealed shortly either to the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office or in court’, Nikolay Alexeyev, an organizer of the pride, told Interfax on Friday.

He also said ‘it is quite clear that Mufti Tajuddin did not only cite religious texts but also call to violence, which is prohibited by Russian law’.

‘We live according to Russian laws, not some religious texts, and the prosecutor’s office is obliged to monitor the observance of law in the country rather than the observance of religious writings’, he added.