2005-09-06 18:00:00

Gay festival and international conference on discrimination against sexual minorities to be held in Moscow for the first time

Moscow, September 6, Interfax - The first annual conference of the International Day Against Homophobia will be held in Moscow in May 2006 within Moscow gay festival.

Gay infrastructure including several clubs, bars, saunas, organizations and web sites flourishes in Moscow, but all first-rate world gay parades have passed it by, site Gay Russia informs Tuesday.

The First International Day Against Homophobia was celebrated on 17 May 2005, 15 years after the World Health Organization had excluded homosexuality from the classification of mental diseases.

Over 40 countries participated in it and Belgium started to celebrate it as its official holiday.

Among participants are experts on sexual orientation, well-known Russian and foreign public figures, vice mayor of Paris, representatives of the International Lesbian and Gay Association, deputies of the European Parliament and representatives of the European Council.