2007-04-06 16:00:00

Mufti Tajuddin’s opinion on gay pride is far more important than Elton John’s for Moscow Mayor press-secretary

Moscow, April 6, Interfax – Religious leaders’ criticism of the sexual minorities’ idea to hold a gay parade in Moscow strengthens the future of Russia, the Moscow mayor’s press-secretary Sergey Tsoy thinks.

‘Though I am a Christian, I appreciate Mufti Tajuddin incomparably more than Elton John since Tajuddin represents the interests and hopes of a million Moscow Moslems, my fellow citymen,’ Tsoy told Moskovsky Comsomolets daily in his interview published on Friday.

‘Great pastors as the patriarch, the supreme mufti and the chief rabbi by praying for and defending the interests of millions of their believers not only confirm the faith’ but ultimately ‘work for the development and strengthening of our common great country of Russia,’ he said.

The chairman of the Central Muslim Spiritual Directorate Mufti Talgat Tajuddin said last year that gay pride participants ‘should be flogged’ since they ‘crossed the limit: having an abnormal sexual orientation is a crime against God.’

The spokesman said that the city government put no obstacles for sexual minorities in ‘meeting their needs whatever they are.’ In particular, there are a number of gay clubs in Moscow.

The sexual minorities create problems for themselves and provoke conflict when ‘their most aggressive members try to impose their convictions on millions of Moscow citizens who deny their lifestyle,’ he said.

‘They play with fire. That’s their aggressive nature,’ Tsoy said commenting the gay pride organizers plan to hold their parade even without a legal permission.

He said that both Tverskoy district court and Moscow City Court outlawed the gay parade in Moscow their verdicts being ‘still in force.’

‘If they disregard the law, they will assume overall responsibility for all possible consequences – and it is dreadful to predict what they may be,’ Tsoy added.