2007-02-28 17:21:00

Yury Luzhkov meets four major European capitalsí mayors and says gay propaganda is intolerable

London, February 28, Interfax - The mayors of Berlin, Moscow, Paris, London and Beijing met in London on Wednesday and discussed the rights of sexual minorities.

"The discrimination of sexual minorities is unjustifiable," Parisien Mayor Betrand Delanoe said.

"Russia adopted a law legalizing homosexuality in 1953 and since then numerous gay clubs have been opened in Moscow. Visitors of these clubs are not prosecuted," Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov said.

"The issue does not concern discrimination or prosecution, however it does concern propaganda. Homosexual propaganda is unacceptable in Moscow, because the majority of society does not accept the practices of those of an untraditional sexual orientation," Luzhkov said.

"The climate in society is changing. There are gay parades in Berlin, Paris and London. We cannot take this right away from sexual minorities," he said.

The United Kingdom adopted a law abolishing discrimination against sexual minorities 40 years ago, and now gays and lesbians have equal rights with all members of society, London Mayor Ken Livingstone said.