2007-02-27 12:20:00

Moscow gay community enlists support of London peers

Moscow, February 27, Interfax - One of the organizers of the aborted Moscow Gay Pride Parade Nikolay Alexeyev said that the London gay community planned a protest on Wednesday during the visit of Moscow's Mayor Yury Luzhkov.

Luzhkov will participate in a meeting of mayors of the four biggest European capital cities.

Alexeyev told journalists that the protest would be held near the London Mayor's office. He said that the protest has been organized by OutRage! - a British organization. Alexeyev is already in London to participate in the demonstration.

In a press release published last Monday by OutRage! Alexeyev calls on the London gay community to protest the presence of Luzhkov, who says that gay parades are "satanic actions."

The organizers of the gay parade said: "We need your help in order to prevent another instance of discrimination against homosexuals in Moscow this May."

He also called on the mayors of London, Paris and Berlin "to express their outrage at Luzhkov's ban of the Moscow Gay Pride Parade."

Alexeyev said that regardless of the position of Moscow's mayor, gays and lesbians will not abandon their plans to stage a gay parade on May 27, 2007.