2007-02-26 12:35:00

The second contest for the best anti-gay cartoon ended in Runet

Penza, February 26, Interfax - The Men’s Talk Christian public movement in Penza held the second Anti-Gay cartoon contest in advance of the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland, the movement’s spokesmen have informed Interfax on Monday.

Presented to the second contest with its stated task to demonstrate ‘the amorality and inadmissibility of the gay-culture in a normal society’ were over 80 cartoons, many of them combining humor with social and religious pathos.

At present the jury is selecting the best works and the winners are to be announced shortly.

The organizers plan to place the cartoons on various websites for public survey and to use contest cartoons for creating a flash spot on the inadmissibility of propaganda of gay-culture.

The first internet Anti-Gay contest was held in mid-February. Its website, according to the Men’s Talk spokesmen, was visited by over 10 thousand people from around the world.

The Men’s Talk, a movement set up in Penza a month ago, unites male pastors, ministers and parishioners of Protestant churches in the Volga region. Its main task is ‘to consolidate healthy forces in opposing the destructive strongholds of sin and vice in society today’.