2007-01-29 13:58:00

Russian gays plan to stage another pride parade in May in Moscow

Moscow, January 29, Interfax - Russian gay activists plan to stage another parade in support of the rights of the rights of sexual minorities on May 27, 2007, a year after the failed attempt, Nikolay Alexeyev, the organizer of the action, has informed Interfax.

‘The parade will take place notwithstanding any decision the authorities make. However, should the action be banned again we will go to the Strasburg court. The authorities should obey the law, which they demand of people,’ he said.

On Monday the organizers of the first gay parade in Moscow have filed a suit with the European Court of Human Rights against Russia demanding 20,000 Euros in damages.

Alexeyev stressed that with regard to the holding of a gay parade in Moscow ‘the situation this year is unique’ in that ‘no state in the Council of Europe member countries has faced complaints in the European Court against its ban on a gay parade for two years in a row’.

The complaint the organizers of a gay parade in Warsaw lodged to the European Court against the ban on it in 2005 ‘though still considered, helped to obtain permission of a similar parade in summer 2006’, Alexeyev remarked.

‘If the Constitution and the law declare the right to parades and other public actions the authorities are obliged to ensure this right and the security of the participants’, he said.

He said another notification on holding a gay pride parade has been sent to Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov ‘in the time required by law’.