2006-11-14 15:19:00

Gay-pride parade organizers appeal ban in Moscow

Moscow, November 14, Interfax - The organizers of a gay-pride parade scheduled to take place in Moscow on May 27 have filed an appeal with the Moscow City Court's presidium protesting a court ban.

"The court resolutions are illegal and must be overturned because they seriously violate the norms of the law of rights," the appeal says.

The action's organizers want the court presidium to annul the Tverskoy court's ruling dated May 26 and the Moscow City Court's ruling dated September 19 and to "issue a new court ruling regarding the claims."

Nikolay Alexeyev, one of the persons behind the gay-pride parade, said that the Moscow City Court's presidium "is not an obligatory judicial institution for the procession's organizers on their way to the European Court of Human Rights."

"But we decided that we should use all opportunities to appeal illegal rulings within the framework of the Russian judicial system to avoid criticism of Russia in Strasbourg. Simultaneously, we are preparing a complaint with the European court," he said.

An application for permission to stage a gay-pride parade on Myasnitskaya Street in downtown Moscow on May 27 was submitted on May 15. On May 19, the city government rejected the application, explaining that "the venue for the procession cannot be closed to traffic."

The Tverskoy court upheld the Moscow government's ruling on May 26. The Moscow City Court's panel for civil cases backed the decisions of the Tverskoy court and the Moscow administration on September 19.