2006-11-08 15:36:00

Chief Rabbi of Russia says gay parade in Jerusalem shows inferiority of ‘sexual minorities’ and is their indecent PR action

Moscow, November 8, Interfax - Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar identified with a distinctive negative reaction of the Orthodox Jews in Israel to gay parade planned in Jerusalem on November 10.

‘One should see that the only object of this parade is to make a PR action, which is dirty, insulting and indecent,’ Lazar said in his interview to Interfax.

He thinks that the constantly displayed wish of sexual minorities to publicly demonstrate their way of life shows ‘uncertainty about their case, if not an inferiority complex, as they are not quite sure whether they are normal and badly need public recognition.’

‘They say they hold their parade so that people can understand them. Yet it would be much better if they learn to understand the feelings of other people first and then demand understanding,’ the interviewee is convinced.

The insulting of the feelings of believers as a main purpose of gay parade in Jerusalem ‘will certainly be achieved. In this case one should stop taking about the freedom of self-expression and democratic right of minorities.’ Such is the view of the chief rabbi of Russia.

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