2005-08-18 16:33:00

Russian Pentecostals say gay parade should not have been cancelled to show people the ugliness of sin

Moscow, August 18, Interfax - Official representative of the Russian Pentecostals Konstantin Bendas thinks that the Tyumen authorities should not have cancelled gay parade, as the march of the masked homosexuals and lesbians along the streets could have produced firm rejection of this phenomenon.

‘The mayor’s office should have allowed the parade to take place and let them march in masks to frighten people’, - says Bendas’s statement received by Interfax.

The Pentecostals representative also said that ‘Holy Scriptures unequivocally calls sodomy a shameful and unnatural lust, delusion and grave sin’.

Bendas called upon Russian authorities and media organizations not to allow the propaganda of this vice. ‘May God grant wisdom to our democratic authorities, irrespective of their religious belief or lack of it, not to be led by blue-orange liberalism of the West with its amsterdams, los angeleses, church wedding of gay and lesbian couples and aggressive propaganda of vices'’ - Pentecostal representative writes.

He also wished that ‘the acquired freedom of new Russia were not to mislead future generations to the bondage of sin, and that we learned to value and cherish the joy of marriage and the love of man and wife’.