2006-09-08 17:28:00

Moscow gay march organizers call for probe into attack on Bundestag member

Moscow, September 8, Interfax - Organizers of the unsanctioned gay pride march that took place in Moscow on May 27 have filed an appeal with the Moscow prosecutor's office, which earlier refused to open a criminal case into an attack on German Bundestag Member Volker Beck, a participant in the event.

"Organizers of the gay march protest the decision by the deputy prosecutor of the Tverskaya inter-district prosecutor's office to refuse to open a criminal case into the attack on Bundestag member Beck," a statement published on the GayRussia.ru web site on Friday reads.

"Beck sent an appeal to the Russian Prosecutor's General Office demanding a criminal case be opened against Aleksey Napylov, who said that he does not regret his actions in an interview with the Russian version of the Newsweek journal," the press release reads.

"Should there be such a necessity, we are ready to protest prosecutors' decisions regarding the attack on Beck, including in court," Nikolay Alekseyev, an organizer of the march, said in the press release.