2006-08-22 15:37:00

Gays and lesbians not to give up plans for gay pride parade in Jerusalem

Moscow, August 22, Interfax - Persons of untraditional sexual orientation are going to hold gay pride parade in Jerusalem in spite of numerous protests of religious leaders and ordinary believers.

On August 20, the Jerusalem-based ‘Open House’ organization, which advocates the rights of sexual minorities, decided to hold a gay parade in the Holy City, GayRussia.ru reported on Tuesday.

The decision was taken by five against one at the session of the steering committee. The majority of the members supported parade, but some expressed their concern for the risks of the action.

The world gay pride parade with conferences and various cultural events was held in Jerusalem recently. The march was replaced with a meeting in a city park.

The organizers do not publicize the parade’s date, and its idea has not been discussed with law enforcement so far.

Last summer, the Jerusalem mayor Uri Lupolianski forbade gay parade in the Holy City, and the local court fined him 30,000 shekels (some $6,500) for his decision. Meanwhile, many religious organizations worldwide, including the Russian Orthodox Church, expressed their solidarity with the mayor’s decision.