2006-07-28 12:37:00

Klaipeda authorities ban gay parade planned to coincide with the city’s anniversary

Vilnius, July 28, Interfax/BNS – Klaipeda mayor refused to issue permission for a march of sex minorities through the city during the celebrations to mark another anniversary of this port city.

Klaipeda is to celebrate its 754th anniversary on August 1. To mark this occasion, representatives of sex minorities requested Mayor Rimantas Taraskevicius to permit a march of sex minorities through the city.

The initiators of the march, members of the League for Equal Opportunities, suggested that their event would underscore the historical and cultural identity of the city and foster the public spirit of the Klaipeda people.

The mayor’s office however, having considered the request, refused to issue a permission, Jolanta Braukyliene, press secretary of the Klaipeda self-government, informed the BNS agency. She said the mayor’s office refused the permission because of the failure of the request to indicate the aim of the march, its time and venue, its route and number of participants.

‘As we do not see in your proposal for a march of sexual minorities anything in common with its stated aims, we do not accept it. We invite you to participate in the celebrations as Klaipeda people, citizens of the city, not as representatives of any majority or minority’, Klaipeda mayor stated in his answer to the Equal Opportunities League.