2022-07-18 16:41:00

Bill banning propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations submitted to State Duma

Moscow, July 18, Interfax - A bill promoting the propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations in Russia has been submitted to the State Duma.

The document was published in the State Duma legislative database on Monday.

The bill envisages a ban on the dissemination of information aimed at promoting non-traditional sexual relations.

The bill also adds to the current legislation on the film industry a regulation that establishes a direct ban on the issuance to movie theaters of screening certificates for any cinematographic materials that allow the propaganda of denial of family values and non-traditional sexual relations.

The authors of the program are a group of deputies from the Communist Party and A Just Russia - For Truth factions and Deputy Andrey Zhuravlyov.

According to the memo, they said the propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations has become widespread in today's Russia. At the same time, "public approval and recognition of such relations is dangerous not only for children and young people, who are not capable of treating such information, which appears to them via public access every day, critically yet, but also to society as a whole, as it, in a certain way, jeopardizes demographic and economic growth issues in the future," the authors said.

"A ban on such propaganda as activities aimed at the deliberate and uncontrolled dissemination of information capable of harming the health, moral and spiritual development, including forming distorted ideas of the social equality of traditional and non-traditional sexual relations among people, including those who cannot independently critically assess such information due to their age, cannot be regarded as violating citizens' constitutional rights," the bill said.