2005-08-05 11:22:00

The mufti of Nizhni Novgorod suggests the proposed gay parade in Moscow be stoned

Nizhni Novgorod, August 5, Interfax - Umar Idrisiv, head of the Muslim Board in the Nizhni Novgorod Region, made an appeal to stone the participants in the gay parade in case it is conducted in Moscow.

‘Homosexuals need to be stoned. I believe the propagation of homosexuality and other such like phenomena is a sign of the doomsday approaching’, Idrisov said as cited at the web-site of the Union of Muslim Journalists.

The mufti emphasized that ‘we will never come to an agreement with homosexuals’, even if the state authorities allow them to conduct a march of gays and lesbians.

‘Let the state deal with it. But we will always oppose it morally and intellectually’, Idrisov stressed, describing homosexuality as ‘the greatest sin leading to the end of world’.

‘Allah destroyed the nations who did such things. This is what the Koran says’, the mufti reminded.