2022-05-17 16:19:00

Patriarch Kirill calls for observance of humanitarian law in areas of special operation in Ukraine, Donbass

Moscow, May 17, Interfax - Work should already be done to restore peaceful life in the areas of the special military operation in Ukraine, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia said.

"Despite the fact that the military action is not over yet, it is now necessary to work on restoring peaceful life in Ukraine and Donbas. I am certain that our prayers will be heard and a long-awaited and lasting peace will come. I have no doubts that Russia will make the necessary efforts to create this peaceful life, in which the main principle will be to keep the unity between the peoples based on mutual understanding," the patriarch said at the 10th parliamentary meetings held in the Federation Council on Tuesday.

He called on the sides to observe humanitarian law in the combat areas. "Even in a situation of military conflict, people should keep their dignity and care about the dignity of the people around them. Ruling out prohibited methods of war, respect for prisoners and the wounded - these are the things that I as Patriarch of All Russia encourage the conflict parties to do, and I am asking to do everything possible to prevent civilian casualties," Patriarch Kirill said.