2022-04-27 15:40:00

The Russian Security Council paid tribute to Christian leaders who disagree with the Russophobia of the "collective West"

Moscow, April 27, Interfax Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev accused the West of trying to set up hierarchs of various branches of Christianity against Russia.

"For Western countries, the "protection of religious freedom" has long been a routine political instrument of pressure on modern Russia. And this is taking into account the fact that in today's Europe, as in the Anglo-Saxon world, traditional Christian values have undergone a catastrophic devaluation and obvious vilification. It is enough to look into the latest family legislation of these countries. Therefore, it is Russia that in recent years has been viewed by many as a stronghold of the Christian world as a whole," Medvedev wrote on his Telegram channel on Wednesday.

However, with the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine, he continues, "thermonuclear degenerates have climbed into the light of God."

"In an anti-Russian frenzy, the Baltic rulers demand sanctions against the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. The leader of the non-canonical schismatics from the OCU (non-canonical new church of Ukraine - IF) is screaming about the Russian-Bolshevik hordes that have seized Ukraine. The Nazis are raiding Orthodox churches of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, threatening to kill priests and parishioners," Medvedev writes.

At the same time, he notes that not all the leaders of European Christianity have fallen for Kiev's nationalist propaganda and Russophobia of the "collective West". For example, the Vatican diplomat, former nuncio to the United States Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano "directly revealed the role of NATO in inciting the Kiev regime against Donbass," and also exposed the taboo topic in the West of support for neo-Nazi formations in Ukraine since 2014, Medvedev recalled.

In the same vein, according to him, the leader of the American Baptists, Franklin Graham, expressed his understanding of the reasons for the denazification of Ukraine. Judging by the media publications, a similar point of view is shared by many other priests and bishops who are afraid to make official statements yet, the representative of the Security Council adds.

In conclusion, he writes that history will put everything in its place and indicate on whose side the truth is.

"Who became the guardian of true Christian values, protecting them from atheists, bandits and nationalists. Who preserved a single cultural code of communication of the peoples of Europe, based on the Christian faith. Who stood up for people who have been living in isolation for years, being subjected to violence and destruction. To do this, Russia has to go its own way. It won't be easy. In life, good and truth do not always quickly overcome evil and lies. But sooner or later it happens," Medvedev said.