2022-01-27 17:07:00

Most of the priests from Africa who joined the Russian Church have already received the right from Moscow to celebrate the liturgy

Moscow, January 27, Interfax - Patriarchal Exarch of Africa Metropolitan Leonid signed the first 115 antimins for the parishes of the newly created Russian Exarchate in Africa, which means allowing these clerics to celebrate the liturgy, that is, in fact, completes the process of their transition to Russian Church.

"I signed the first 115 antimins for Africa. This is history!" the metropolitan wrote in his Telegram channel.

Antimins is a quadrangular plate with a particle of the relics of an Orthodox martyr sewn into it, lying in the altar on the throne. Being a necessary accessory for the celebration of the liturgy, the antimins is at the same time a document authorizing it to be performed.

As reported, the African Exarchate of Russian Orthodox Church was established at the end of December 2021 after more than a hundred clerics of the Church of Alexandria declared their desire to transfer to Moscow Patriarchate due to disagreement with the fact that Patriarch Theodore of Alexandria recognized the non-canonical church of Ukraine. As of today, 150 African Orthodox clergymen have already joined the Russian Church.