2022-01-24 10:03:00

House of Romanov hails Russian Orthodox Church's plans to recognize authenticity of 'Yekaterinburg remains'

Moscow, January 24, Interfax - The Russian Imperial House of Romanov will support a Russian Orthodox Church decision to recognize the authenticity of the remains of the last Russian emperor, Nicholas II, and members of his family.

"If now comes a moment when the Russian Orthodox Church, having studied all the multilateral findings, is prepared to recognize the 'Yekaterinburg remains' as being authentic, this will be taken by the Imperial House with reverence, confidence in the Russian Orthodox Church, and with great joy," the House of Romanov spokesman Alexander Zakatov told Interfax.

The head of the House is Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna.

In the event of a decision by the Bishops' Council of the Church to recognize the authenticity, the remains of two of Nicholas II's children - Tsesarevich Alexey and his sister Maria - must be buried alongside their family, in the vault at the Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg, the spokesman said.

Earlier on Saturday the Russian Church said that the investigation's findings left it in no doubt that the remains found near Yekaterinburg were those of members of the last Russian emperor's family.

"We must wait for decision from the Bishops' Council. If the Church recognizes that this is precisely Emperor Nicholas II and his family, then these tombs in the vault at the Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral will take on an additional sacral meaning," Zakatov said.

When asked about Alexeyi and Maria's remains Zakatov said: "The Council will probably say in its decision how to treat them, whether the Church recognizes them and also their authenticity. Then they will have to be moved to the Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, to the dynastic vault, into appropriate tombs."

"The Russian Imperial House - the house, not some private individuals variously related - has always said: we neither affirm not deny the authenticity of the remains but are waiting for the Church's Council to determine. Once it has done so, the Imperial House will perceive it with joy," Zakatov said.

"For the moment, the Russian Imperial House considers that in recent years a lot of evidence has been provided in favor of the authenticity of the remains," Zakatov said.

"We have always said that there are no forces in this world keener for the 'Yekaterinburg remains' to be recognized as being authentic than the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian Imperial House," he said.

"For the Russian Orthodox Church this is yet another shrine much revered by the people, whist for the Russian Imperial House, it is this and also the remains of their relatives. On the question of the authenticity of the remains, the House of Romanov has always looked to the Russian Orthodox Church," Zakatov said.