2022-01-18 18:16:00

Anti-Semitism is on the rise in Germany - Deputy Ambassador

Moscow, January 18, Interfax - A new round of anti-Semitism takes place in Germany and urge to pay attention to such manifestations.

"The growing anti-Semitism in some places is proof that we must remain vigilant, in Germany we also note the growth of anti-Semitism, which we are fighting as much as we can," Permanent Deputy German Ambassador to Russia Beate Grzeski said at a Tuesday press conference in Moscow.

She recalled that on January 20, the 80th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference, which put the mass extermination of European Jews on stream, will be celebrated. "This is a dark stain of shame on German diplomacy, we should also remember this today," Grzeski stressed.

By the decision of the UN General Assembly, the International Holocaust Remembrance Day is celebrated annually on January 27, and a Week of Remembrance is timed to coincide with it, which will be held from January 17 to February 4 this year.