2022-01-07 12:59:00

Patriarch Kirill concerned about the shortsightedness of politicians who speak to Russia from a position of strength

Moscow, January 7, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia expressed regret that some politicians believe that Russia can be forced into unacceptable steps for it.

"When you sometimes listen and watch television programs, hear some speeches on the radio, you are surprised at the shortsighted position of some politicians, especially, unfortunately, in the West, who believe that today Russia can be defeated by force," the primate said in a Christmas interview with the Rossiya-1 TV.

He noted that all these statements "by the grace of God" are not being implemented into any practical actions. "And God forbid that they be implemented and take the form of some kind of practical policy, because the presence of nuclear weapons today can lead all conflicts to a global tragedy," the patriarch said.

He noted that if we talk about the relations between East and West, we are all interested in preserving peace. "So that the formidable and destructive weapons that are available today both there and there will never be put into action, because war today can practically mean the end of human history," he said.

Therefore, the Church constantly stands for peace, but not just "guys, let's live together," but for peace and justice, since "there can be no true peace without justice," the patriarch said, adding that "this is a great challenge for everyone, but to a large extent today it is a challenge for Western civilization."