2021-12-29 12:23:00

Russian govt orders monitoring of violations of citizens' rights along ethnic, religious lines

Moscow, December 29, Interfax - Federal and regional authorities will conduct annual monitoring of instances of violations of Russian citizens' rights based on their ethnic, language and religious identity, including when being hired for a job, and will follow how such violations are covered in the media.

This monitoring is part of a plan of action to implement Russia's 2022-2025 state ethnic policy. The plan has been approved by the government's decree.

Among other measures, the authorities will have to monitor alerts "about breaches of the principle of citizens' equality regardless of their race, ethnicity, language, faith, convictions, or their affiliation with civic organizations and in other circumstances such as when being hired for a job or when filling positions during the formation of the personnel reserve both at the federal and regional levels."

Furthermore, the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs will have to conduct annual monitoring of how such violations are covered in the media.

The plan of action to implement the state ethnic strategy consists of more than 100 points.

They include "monitoring of the state of interethnic relations in military units and in districts where military units are stationed, as well as measures aimed at ensuring interethnic accord within the country's Armed Forces."

Measures to facilitate the socioeconomic development of the Roma people in Russia are contained in a separate point in this action plan.

Another point deals with the social and cultural adaptation of foreign citizens in Russia and their integration into Russian society.

The plan includes steps to facilitate the social and cultural adaptation in Russia of foreign citizens, including foreign students, and to draw up a set of measures to assist with the social and psychological adaptation of underage foreign citizens attending Russian schools.