2021-12-27 11:54:00

Patriarch Kirill believes that modern cinema promotes the upbringing of an "old" person

Moscow, December 27, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia believes that modern cinema and mass media preach the ideals of a pre-Christian man.

"This old man as an ideal is present in fiction, and especially in modern cinema. He is offered to us again and again, this ideal of the old man, as a vital ideal. Most often, it is from the mass media and modern culture that we most often encounter the propaganda of this old man," the primate said after the Sunday liturgy in the Christ the Savior Cathedral.

The old man, the patriarch explained, is the man who was created by God, but through the sin of his forefathers lost his primordial beauty and holiness, darkened his image. According to the patriarch, such a person in life is guided by his inner, emotional movements, passions, sinful thoughts.

According to the primate, for us, modern people, the call to remove the old man from ourselves "means not only our inner work on ourselves, but first of all it is a call to spiritual vigilance, to ensure that we do not let the old man as an ideal into our consciousness, into our heart, so that we clearly understand that this preaching and propaganda of the old man is a thing long past, it is there somewhere in ancient antiquity."

"And the fact that it is offered to us, modern people, is nothing but a diabolical temptation, they want to involve us in this idolatry again and involve us with the help of many temptations, false ideas, even whole false doctrines, but most often at the everyday level, when, striving exclusively for the arrangement of our personal well-being, we forget about the most important thing, about our inner life, about the state of our soul," the head of Russian Church said.