2021-12-23 17:53:00

Blurring concepts of man and woman contradicts common sense Putin

Moscow, December 23, Interfax - Russian society is immune to today's Western obscurantism in gender issues, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"If someone believes that a woman and a man are the same thing, they are free to think so. But there is some common sense!" Putin said at his annual press conference on Thursday.

The president said he supports the traditional approach where "a woman is a woman, a man is a man, a mother is a mother, and a father is a father."

The president said he hopes Russians have "internal moral protection dictated by the traditional religions of the Russian Federation."

"Let them [in the West] do what they want! We should embrace everything progressive and the best things that help us develop, be leaders - in technology, in economy, in the humanitarian spheres," the president said. He said he hopes the peoples of Russia "will have enough internal deep, immune systems of protection" against today's gender "obscurantism."

This should be fought by supporting traditional Russian values, not by direct instructions, yelling and accusations, Putin said.