2021-12-23 14:59:00

Putin deems liability for refusal to vaccinate to be pointless

Moscow, December 23, Interfax - It would be pointless to penalize people who refuse to vaccinate for Covid-19, however, measures should be taken against fake vaccination certificates, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"As to whether we should enact stricter liability, etc., see, they have been doing so in Germany yet the vaccination level remains low, so, what's the point? We should penalize offenders, not law-abiding citizens. For instance, vaccination certificates are being forged, and more than 200 criminal cases of the sort have been opened, mostly under two articles [of the Criminal Code], those on forgery of documents and malfeasance. I think 270 cases have been opened to date. Indeed, such offenders must be penalized," Putin said at the end-of-the-year press conference.