2021-11-22 16:52:00

Covid-19 pandemic won't last long, but will allow humanity to critically assess its capabilities - Patriarch Kirill

Moscow, November 22, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia sees the coronavirus pandemic as a temporary ordeal facing humanity, who the patriarch believes will subsequently have to reconsider its role and place.

"I do not think that God is not going to put us through this ordeal for a long time, but we will have to go through some period of critical attitude, primarily toward today's high technology civilization in order to realize that we cannot resolve everything instantaneously but will need time, effort, etc.," Patriarch Kirill said in an interview aired on Rossiya 1 television channel on November 20, when he turned 75.

This time will give people the experience of self-criticism and will allow them to realize their errors and delusions, he said. "For God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble," the patriarch said, citing the Holy Scripture.

Only God knows why the pandemic broke out, Patriarch Kirill said, at the same time agreeing to philosophize on this issue without claims to the truth.

"How did civilization develop, especially in the 20th century and at the beginning of the 21st century? There was always some triumphalism: we flew to space, even earlier we split the atom, we created technologies, we, we, we have been getting stronger and stronger... And in the center of this ideology is the human being who is growing so strong, so autonomous from God. It is effectively the restoration of paganism, since this is what the pagans' philosophy looked like. As [writer Maxim] Gorky once said, 'man - how proud it sounds'. And who is the father of pride? It is the devil himself. And if we go by the phrase 'man - how proud it sounds', if a human being has no humbleness, is unable to take a critical look at himself, then a human being turns into a pagan," the patriarch said.

With the help of the pandemic, "God has brought us to our senses a little: since you are so omnipotent, since you know everything and can do everything, here is the experience of your weakness, your confusion, your inability to do anything," he said.