2006-06-23 18:04:00

Metropolitan Kirill warns against tolerance for same-sex marriage

Moscow, June 23, Interfax - The inevitable consequence of the legalization of homosexual marriages in Western countries is the growing popularity of pedophilic ideas and a fashion for perversions, said Kirill, Metropolitan of Smolensk and Kaliningrad, chairman of the Department for External Church Relations.

"Do you know, what will be the next step for discussion in society following the same-sex marriage legalization? Discussion on recognizing pedophilia as a norm. Registration in Holland of a political party of pedophiles is the first sign, believe me," Metropolitan Kirill said on Friday in his lecture in the Russian Humanitarian Institute in Moscow.

The next step, in his opinion, will be a suicide fashion, when "the concept of the 'quality of death' will be introduced into everyday life, and a voluntary suicide will not be considered a sin."

The Metropolitan sees this tendency of widespread loyalty to sin to be a consequence "of enormous efforts undertaken recently in order to wipe out the distinct notion of good and evil, when pluralism of opinions is becoming the characteristic trait of the postmodern era."

"Even 20 years ago nobody would have believed that the Moscow mayor should be compelled to permit a gay-parade. However this situation has become a reality," he said.

He said the main feature of the time of the Antichrist's arrival will become "non-vitality of civilizations when power on a global scale becomes the power of evil."

"The Antichrist will teach evil, he will teach that murder and violence is good. Who might seem to accept such a leader? But even today they try to insinuate into our conscience that there is no objective distinction between sin and virtue, when in many countries same-sex marriages and normal marriages are being set on the same legal footing."

Kirill said language appealing to Biblical teaching is exactly what should be used when "speaking to human rights defenders with an autonomous choice of moral values."