2021-04-05 18:16:00

Russian man charged with organizing erotic photo shoot in UAE facing at least 6 months in prison

Moscow, April 5, Interfax - A citizen of Russia, who is charged in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with organizing an indecent photo shoot, is facing at least six months in prison, Russian Vice-Consul in Dubai Ivan Gubanov said.

"There are no Russian citizens among the detained girls, only one Russian citizen was detained on suspicion of being the organizer of this event [according to media reports, it was an erotic photo shoot]," the diplomat told Interfax on Monday.

According to earlier reports, 11 girls, citizens of Ukraine, were detained along with the Russian citizen.

Gubanov said the Russian citizen will be provided with all necessary consular support in accordance with the Russian legislation.

"Speaking about the prospects, according to the law enforcement practice in the Arab Emirates, offenses that have a sexual context are investigated more thoroughly," he said.

The future of the Russian man "will depend on the work of the local law enforcement agencies, the court, and the prosecutors," he said. "As to the timeframe, we only speak theoretically. But if they find that it was just a breach of public morals, it may be half a year in prison, and that will be it," Gubanov said. However, the prison term may be longer if the court decides to qualify the Russian's actions as a more serious offense.