2021-04-02 10:00:00

The FJCR official calls "the oldest manuscript" of Torah a fake

Moscow, April 2, Interfax - The Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia official is critical about the piece of news claiming that a 2-2.5 thousand-year-old manuscript of Torah was found in Turkey.

The Jerusalem Post newspaper has recently reported that the Turkish police had seized an artifact in the northern province of Samsun that was identified as a manuscript of Torah written with golden letters and dated with the mentioned age. Five people were arrested during the seizure. The corresponding video of the incident posted at the newspaper website showed how policemen were searching for something in suspects’ rucksacks and in the trunk of their car. The artifact was just wrapped in a plastic bag and was found in their rucksack.

Head of the Public Relations Department of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia Boruch Gorin commenting on the news said that it refers to the obvious fake.

"The oldest codices are dated back to 2nd century A.D. It went with the fashion to write with silver or golden ink in the 3rd-4th centuries A.D. Introduction of vowels in the text of Torah refers to the 6th-10th centuries. The vowel marks only then were invented. So a 2-2.5 thousand-year-old codex with voweled text of Torah cannot exist physically - it is just the next fake made for tourists," he stressed.