2021-03-31 13:31:00

Serial destroyer of angel sculptures detained in St. Petersburg

Moscow, March 31, Interfax - Police of St. Petersburg detained a local resident, who damaged the sculptures of angels in the cemeteries for several years, press service of the regional head office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported on Wednesday.

A 60-year-old man was arrested as a suspect. As a preventive measure, he was placed under house arrest.

According to the police, the retired man came to the cemetery at the southeast of St. Petersburg for several years and damaged the sculptures of angels on the tombs: he split their faces, broke off their wings, covered them with paint and sometimes even made obscene inscriptions on them. Several criminal cases are being investigated under Article 244 of the Russian Criminal Code (violating dead bodies and places of their burial) and Article 214 (vandalism).

It is noted that the suspect lives near the cemetery, investigators found a balaclava, a can with paint and stained clothes in his apartment. However, the man could not say why he committed these actions.