2021-03-30 16:01:00

Putin pledges to prevent foreign interethnic conflicts from spilling over into Russia

Moscow, March 30, Interfax - The Russian authorities will not allow foreign interethnic conflicts to spill over into the Russian territory, President Vladimir Putin said.

"Most of the conflicts currently flaring on the global map have economic and political causes, however, interethnic and interreligious intolerance is mostly provoked in order to start conflicts," Putin said at a videoconference of the Presidential Council for Interethnic Relations.

"We in Russia should not and will not allow an aggressive demonstration of one's ethnicity disrespectful towards representatives of any nationality, and we will also not allow foreign conflicts of the sort to spill over into our land, either," Putin said.

Migrant laborers from other countries who have lived in Russia for years "are involved in the processes unfolding in their home states one way or another," Putin said.

"We cannot abide anyone trying or planning to bring the problems encountered by people in other countries to the territory of the Russian Federation," he said.

"Regretfully, we have seen attempts at bringing in problems from neighboring countries, those associated with territorial disputes or interethnic problems, to Russian territory before," Putin said.

The Russian authorities have managed to solve this problem, "acting in a careful, calm, and respectful manner," he said.

Putin noted that such attempts will also be prevented in the future.

"I want members of various ethnic civic organizations operating in Russia - and we support their activity - to realize this and not lose a sense of responsibility to the country they live in," he said.