2021-03-25 10:00:00

Patriarch Kirill stresses importance of ensuring life without upheavals at memorial service on 220th anniversary of Emperor Pavel I's murder

Moscow, March 25, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia has performed a memorial service for Emperor Pavel I, who was assassinated in a conspiracy 220 years ago, on the night of March 23-24, 1801.

Before the start of the memorial service at the St. Alexander Nevsky Church in the skete of the same name near Peredelkino outside Moscow, the patriarch spoke about the political lessons that contemporary Russians should learn from this event.

"The conspirators associated great hopes with Emperor Pavel's assassination for drastic changes in the life of the country and our people in accordance with templates and models that had already taken shape following the revolutionary events of the 18th century in Western Europe, primarily in France," the patriarch said.

However, their hopes were not justified, he said.

"Alexander, having become emperor of all Russia and having gone through a thorny path of rethinking everything that happened in our fatherland, led the great war against the Frenchmen, when a terrible enemy reached Moscow," the patriarch said.

He noted that two century-old events "should have shown and have shown the Russian people how destructive attempts to change the course of people's lives through crime are." "Later in our history, there were such attempts again, and we know how terrible their consequences were," the Russian supreme hierarch said.

Remembering Emperor Pavel, he called for thinking about how important it is that people's lives be calm, peaceful, and without any kind of upheaval.

"We believe that all the experiences that our country, our people went through both in the 19th century and in the 20th century should form profound patriotic convictions aimed at preserving the original life of our people, their faith, their culture, language, and most importantly, their freedom, which is the only thing that makes the peaceful and progressive movement of the country possible," the patriarch said.